An Excellent Kitchen Knife Set Under $50


Spendthrift Not Cheap!

My friends believe I am a very cheap person. This is because I never spend a lot of money buying anything expensive when there is a cheaper option. I would rather take time doing research to find the best cheap option than buying something expensive just because it claims to solve all my problems. In order to convince my friends this is the best approach, I dared one of them to try buying a cheap product and see how it works for them. She agreed to the challenge and told me to find the best knife sets under 50. We placed a $50 bet; if the knife did not leave up to the expectation I would lose the bet and vice versa.

kitchen knives set

Kitchen Knives For A Dime Or Less

I wasn’t going to lose $50 that easily. Therefore, I took it upon myself to find the best knife set under 50. I went on different online stores and looked at knife sets under 50. Some of the knife sets that stood out for me include; International Traditions 14 piece set, Ronko Rocker Stainless Steel 20 piece knife set, Miracle Blade III knife set and Cook Neway 15-piece knife set. I compared the features and the design to see which one stood out the most in each store. To narrow down to one knife, I read the reviews on each and compared the prices. In the reviews, I looked for certain aspects. These include; durability, strength, comfortable and easy to clean. This is because these are the main things I look for when buying my own knife set.

The Chosen Kitchen Knife Set!

Finally, I got a knife set that fit all my criteria; the Ronko Rocker Stainless Steel 20 Piece knife set. I bought it and couldn’t wait for my friend to try it out. In our agreement, she was to try the set for two months and if she didn’t like it I would lose the bet. After a week of using the knife set, she couldn’t stop saying how great the set was. When two months were over, I won the bet. It has been two years and she still loves the set.

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